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“АМС-MED” Ltd.

Team of “AMC-MED” Ltd. thanks PUE “Litoplast-Med” for the long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. As your customer, our company was pleasantly surprised with the quality of products, wide products range and high professional level of its staff. I would like to mention a competent price policy and balanced strategy of the company “Litoplast-Med” in the CIS market.

In addition, we would like to thank the logistics department for on-time delivery and the sales department for efficiency and professionalism, in particular our sales manager Elena Makarchuk. Thank you very much for your excellent work, friendly attitude, integrity, comprehensive answers to our questions.

We wish the company “Litoplast-Med” further development and achievements of your goals!

General director - Makhaev V.A.

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“Gelika” Ltd.

“Gelika” Ltd. would like to thank unitary enterprise “Litoplast-Med” for the professionalism and excellent cooperation in deliveries of the laboratory plastic products.

Our company has been cooperating with the company “Litoplast-Med” from 2014. During this period, it was made rather big quantity of products deliveries. Products produced by unitary enterprise “Litoplast-Med” are of high quality and reasonable prices, and are sold very well in the market of Kazakhstan as the alternative products of the leading world manufacturers.

The team of “Litoplast-Med” consists of responsible professionals who communicates with their customers at a high level.

Production unitary enterprise “Litoplast-Med” has proved to be a stable supplier, constantly expanding its product range.

“Gelika” Ltd. hopes for further fruitful cooperation and wish prosperity and success to “Litoplast-Med”!

Director - Paskevich V.N.

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“Diakon” JSC

JSC “Diakon” thank you for your professional approach and stability in the supply and quality of your products.

As our supplier, your company is always organizing professional and on-time deliveries, efficiently and loyally solving all problems.

Our company is glad to cooperate with you and looks forward to a long-term and fruitful cooperation and growth together with such a producer.

We wish you prosperity and success, development and profitability.

Finance director - Karpova I.E.

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RUE “Medtechnika”, Mogilev

Mogilev Republican Unitary Enterprise “Medtechnika” during long-term business cooperation with “Litoplast-Med” would like to mark a perfect and appropriate level of performance of their contractual obligations, especially in delivery terms and quality and quantity control of the supplied plastic laboratory products.

We hope for further long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Deputy director - Kozlov D.P.

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“PKF Sovremennyje technologii” Ltd.

We would like to thank sales manager Alina Sergeeva for the efficient work and assistance in documents arrangement. The goods were delivered on time as promised and without any troubles with registration. The deal was made with a high quality!!! Thank you so much!

Finance director - Samoilov P.A.

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The company “Litoplast-Med” has participated in the exhibition “Healthcare – 2017”

The company “Litoplast-Med” has participated in the exhibition “Healthcare – 2017”


NEW!!! We would like to present histological cassette!

The company “Litoplast-Med” expands its products range with introducing the histological cassette!


NEW!!! We would like to present containers for safe disposal of sharp tools and biological materials!

НОВИНКА!!! Представляем контейнеры для использованных острых инструментов и биологических материалов!

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The company " Litoplast - Med" is a domestic manufacturer of disposable plastic laboratory ( sterile and non-sterile ) , for use in a clinical diagnostic laboratories of medical institutions in various fields. The manufacturing process includes a full production cycle , from the initial acquisition of high quality raw materials to packaging and sale of finished products .

Availability of storage space and own vehicles , allow us to guarantee a reliable and timely delivery of products to any place in Belarus .

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